HomeServe HVAC Techs Save Man

By Ariel Hernandez, Staff Writer

March 15, 2017
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Queens TribuneTwo Queens technicians have been called “hometown heroes” after rescuing a man in Middle Village.

Mike Doherty and Mike Philpotts, who are partners at HomeServe HVAC—an emergency repair company that helps with heating, cooling, tune-ups and equipment installations—had just completed a job on Feb. 27 on 74th Street in Middle Village and were sitting in their company van awaiting a call from dispatch.

The duo, who are referred to as “M&M” by their colleagues, then heard what sounded like a crash nearby, so they drove toward the noise. The two men spotted a car that had flipped upside down on the street.

Doherty and Philpotts quickly responded and aided the individual—whose name has not been released—in the vehicle.

Doherty, who is also a volunteer ambulance driver and emergency medical technician, rushed to the passenger’s side of the car, while Philpotts went to the driver’s side.

The driver, an elderly man who only spoke Italian, was in distress, making a gesture indicating that he was having chest pains. Doherty, who was carrying his utility knife, cut the man—who was hanging upside down—free.

“That couple of seconds can make all the difference,” said Philpotts. “It easily could have been my dad or yours.”

The duo kept the man stable as they awaited the ambulance. The man was transported to a local hospital.